Is anyone with a PC still having notification issues?

I am having troubles getting add notifications when using this browser. I have looked at many threads on the subject and it seems there isn’t a straight forward answer. Does anyone know if there is an actual solution to this? If there is, is there a video walking us through it?

OK so i got the notifications to work now when I created a second profile and kept both. But now when I click on the ads I don’t receive any BAT tokens. does anyone know why that is?

Please see our Ads FAQ for information on how the system works. In short, viewing ads will increase your ads count. You are then paid out for the number of ads you’ve seen (Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ad notifications received this month) on the 5th of every month.

Ok I checked it out. So nothing will show up in my BAT wallet until the 5th of May then since April is passes?

Is there a way to see projected payout?

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