Did not receive my ad reward (30/5/2020)

I’ve encountered a problem today (30/5/2020) from Brave desktop browser (version where my ad revenue is not added for every ad click. I seem to only get around 0.1BAT for 8 clicks today. Wondering if there’s any issue with the system. Appreciate the effort you guys did in creating this browser and debugging the issues one by one!


Same issue on android.but dont worry i had this issue earlier.but it wont last 24 hours :+1:

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same issue since yesterday instead of getting 0.1 BAT per 2ads i get 0.1 BAT for +/- 10ads.
What is going on ???

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I am on Ubuntun 14.04 and I got the same problem today.

Me too! I get 0.1 BAT for 9 ads! No more BAT added!


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