Did not get any brave reward popups since 14. january 2021

Somehow it stoped popping up and i dont get any more reward ads since then. in the history i can see that the last ad was on 13. january 2021. i checked the usaul stuff pretty intense… windows notifications are all on for brave and in the brave settings i checked 10 ads per hour aswell. googled the whole internet but without success.

So i read about someone who posted here with the same problem. maybe iam flagged?

My System is the Windows 10 Pro Version with the newest updates and i dont use something like vpns or so.

Something more… Iam using brave since november and i got 3 BAT on november and 2,5 Bat on december. But suddenly… the 3 BAT of november disapeared… and in the summery of november there is now 0BAT for november and only 2,5 BAT for december… NICE!..NOT!!! Pretty spooky stuff going on with this browser.

Greetings Levin

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

almost exact same thing happened to me as well. my ads stopped on Jan 11th. I just DMed steeven and waiting for a reply.

@citrab try to DM Mattches or Saltybanana with it. Steeven hasn’t been interacting on the forums for 2 days and prior to that only did like one comment a day for a bit. I’m not sure if they have him pulled off of the forum to handle prior messages, if he’s working on a different project, taking time off, or what? But it does seem like it might be a longer wait with him than usual.

You can see what I mean about his activity by checking out https://community.brave.com/u/steeven/activity

Thank you for letting me know. I just DM’ed the 2 people you have stated.

got the same problem too, so i switched to Ubuntu a Linux Flavor OS, and Brave runs smoothly

Guys go and send a message to a moderator with your issue. my problem was fixed very quick by Mattches. Now i get my brave reward ads again. Thank you Mattches!

Same issue.
From today morning (10-12 hours ago) I am also not getting any ads popup and Picture ads in homepage.

I started this issue since yesterday too.

mee too same issue from today morning

Unfortunately the same for me :frowning:

Your problem solved?

Is getting 1-2 ads per 3 to 4 hours normal? im in asia region

yes bro I’m experiencing it too. It’s okay I think because max ads will be up to 10 but you can always go below. It will depend to the system whom people will receive those ads.

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