Move Bookmarks to Vertical Tab Section

I used arc browser for a few months and really enjoyed having my bookmarks grouped with my vertical tabs. I came back to brave for the security and more minimal design, but I really miss one feature from arc. Specifically, I was hoping that pinning a tab would save it in my vertical tab section between sessions, but it seems that’s not the case.

Could we have a horizontal divider between bookmarked tabs that always show (and when clicked on are their own tab) and one-off tabs? Then adding a one-off tab to my bookmarks would be as simple as dragging it above the horizontal divider.

For those with many bookmarks this might not work without some other changes like bookmark folders that work like an accordion, or to make the bookmark section scrollable.

Additionally, I think having vertical tabs takes up a fair bit of unused space when you only have a few tabs open, so having my bookmarks use that empty space instead of taking up even more space under the url makes sense.


Yea this would be excellent

Perhaps I’m not clear on what is being described here but it seems like there’s a bit of mixing up terminology here. When you say “bookmarks” are you referring to actual bookmarks? That is, bookmarks in Settings --> Bookmarks or the ones on the bookmarks toolbar?

I ask because in your initial paragraph, you reference pinned tabs specifically:

:point_up_2: If this post is referring to pinned tabs, this is already possible with vertical tabs enabled:

Additionally, as shown above, you can add specific tabs to a group that will persist across sessions. You can also click on the tab group title and collapse/expand those tabs to save space.

Hey Mattches, thanks for your reply!

To answer your question:

The ones on the bookmarks toolbar.

I just tried pinning tabs and they now will show as a small icon between closing and opening brave. Awesome! Either this is new since my original post or I missed this.

What would be super cool (and this is where I mixed up terminology in my post) is if we could ALSO have our bookmarks in the vertical tab section at the top. The difference being that with pinned tabs, if I go to a different site on that pinned tab, that persists across sessions. I’d like to have a bookmarks section to serve as a kind of anchor point in my browsing sessions, where I can click it and it’ll open a new tab of the bookmarked page below.

Having my bookmarks in the vertical pane would be great because then

  • I could have a nice folder / tree view of them instead of them being splayed out horizontally. Right now, I’m not really incentivized to use folders for my bookmarks because I don’t really have a folder view when I am opening a new tab via a bookmark (that I’m aware of)
  • There’s one place I move my mouse to open a new tab, bookmarked or not: to this pane
  • I get back the screen space below my address bar

Does that make more sense?

I think instead you might want to leverage the Sidebar feature instead, which already has the bookmarks option built in:

Ah okay I hadn’t noticed this before! This is pretty cool.

I would still like the option to have it in the left pane along with my tabs as a collapsible list, just to save the pixels. I usually don’t have more than 10 tabs open at a time so there’s a lot of empty space on my vertical tabs pane and I wish I could just plop in this bookmarks section.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

I noticed someone else had this request: Keep pins on vertical tabs sticky

The thread you linked is not the same as what you are asking for. That user is referring to pinned tabs — which, for the record, tabs can be pinned to the top of vertical tabs any time and will persist:


Lastly, while you can’t explicitly put the bookmarks bar “in” the vertical tabs pane, you can have the sidebar open on the same side as your vertical tabs (note that I’m using Cmd + B — or Ctrl + B on Windows — to open and close the sidebar):

I think that other forum is asking the same thing, because we are both referring to how arc browser defines pinned tabs.

From arc’s website:

“” Pinned Tabs are a cross between an App [basically a tab that will always stay on one website] and a Bookmark.

  • Pinned Tabs are like “Apps” in that they keep you contained within a specific site. If you pin the New York Times, for example, you can navigate anywhere on the New York Times website but clicking a link that would change the tab will open a Peek window, instead of replacing New York Times.

  • Pinned tabs are like Bookmarks in that you can get back to specific subpages of a site as well. If you pin a specific NYT article, for example, you can always get back to it by “Resetting” your Pinned Tab.

I know at this point im basically requesting a copy of another browsers feature. Its hard to explain without having used arc or seeing it, so heres a video by arc that explains the distinction ive been trying to make:

After using Arc for a while, this is the one feature that I don’t want to give up. Pinned tabs, bookmarks, tab groups all fall short of this feature in Arc. I have tried to make the change to Brave but losing this feature is too disruptive at this time.

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