Move Bookmarks to Vertical Tab Section

I used arc browser for a few months and really enjoyed having my bookmarks grouped with my vertical tabs. I came back to brave for the security and more minimal design, but I really miss one feature from arc. Specifically, I was hoping that pinning a tab would save it in my vertical tab section between sessions, but it seems that’s not the case.

Could we have a horizontal divider between bookmarked tabs that always show (and when clicked on are their own tab) and one-off tabs? Then adding a one-off tab to my bookmarks would be as simple as dragging it above the horizontal divider.

For those with many bookmarks this might not work without some other changes like bookmark folders that work like an accordion, or to make the bookmark section scrollable.

Additionally, I think having vertical tabs takes up a fair bit of unused space when you only have a few tabs open, so having my bookmarks use that empty space instead of taking up even more space under the url makes sense.