I like the new 'Vertical Tabs' feature but it's barebones - Need more organizing options

I really like the new vertical tabs feature but I don’t like the lack of options to manipulate the experience. For instance, when I click on any vertical tab I want it to be moveable to first position at the top. So, right-button mouse-click → “Move to Top”. I can do this with the “pin” option but that’s not the same thing and is basically a hack until a more proper option comes along. Also, it would be awesome if the vertical tabs could be numbered in the list. Because I have more than a hundred open. However, I might be asking for that just because there is no “Move Tab to Top” feature just yet.
I also just realized I want to be able to get to the top immediately so “Go to Top” needs to be an option. I’m tired of scrolling a page at a time.
In fact, paging, is what’s really needed. I wanna be able to page up an entire screen, not 5 or 10 tabs at once. That takes too long.
Thanks for reading!
EDIT: Yes, it’s me again. What would be awesome is a feature to sort all open tabs by top-level domain name. And a group all tabs by top-level domain name as well. These features have been needed forever. Let’s get it done, son!

Vertical tabs work exactly as Horizontal tabs… just top to bottom, the only thing Brave changed is the new tab button placement from moving everytime you click it, to a fixed place, which I am fine with it.

Brave Vertical Tabs are like Edge, both teams modified the native UI with C++, which means, extensions and everything work fine on both implementations, unlike Opera, Yandex or Vivaldi with their custom UIs.

Saying that, you can use an extension to auto group tabs. I have and like Tab Group Extension, that will group tabs based on a lot of criteria, which means you can collapse the groups and move on, having tabs opened all the time is kind of useless if you are not using them.

There are other extensions like that, but I found that one to be the one with simple cool features on it.

And using Pinned tabs is not a ‘hack’, that’s what it does, in VT and Horizontal Tabs, in fact, brave Nightly got a Shared Pinned tab feature, which will share pinned tabs across all windows.
Plus Brave added keyboard customization and a commander on the omnibox, which can make things easier to create groups and move things around.

That’s one advantage of the workspaces, to isolate better the tabs and maybe Brave will add it someday, but they are not working on it at the moment.

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Thank You very much for the suggestion to add the “Tab Group” extension. I like it but seriously man, it’s a bit of a weak extension in that each tab has to be refreshed before creating/joining it’s group. That’s a lot of work for me to still get organized.
Of course, that’s because I already have over 100 tabs still open. If I were to start from scratch it would probably keep itself tidy.
They were spot on by defaulting with “Group Tabs by Domain”. That is what I was looking for over the longest of time.
EDIT: Another shortcoming of this extension is that inactive groups aren’t collapsed. The whole point of this extension is to LIMIT the damn tabs that I see so I can find what I want. sigh