Request add new regional list filter

hello brave developers I would like to request to add a new regional filter (AdblockID) for Brave users in Indonesia & Malaysia region. The AdblockID filter is more powerful than ABPindo I hope you add this filter as the default regional filter without having to subscribe manually. Not everyone in my country (Indonesia) knows how to manually subscribe to the filter, I hope the developer is brave enough to grant my request

The filter I requested:

Reviewing the list, nothing personal or anything.


  • *= being a wildcard filter, it is an inherit slow filter. And should limited as much as possible. Would drag down performance of the browser.
  • Has a few english filters already covered in Easylist (which we use)

Reviewing: (not sure why they can’t be combined with both lists)

  • Needs further optimizations; /*120x280*.gif$image /*betawitoto*.$image … etc (isn’t optimized, and considered slow filters)
  • Remove as many generic filters as possible, and target just the regional sites. This would avoid redundancy with Easylist. Testing/ and using the list with Easylist/Easyprivacy. Remove any double ups/unneeded filters etc.
  • Remove English/non Indonesia/Malaysian sites.
  • Blocking various ##[href=""] Not sure how related to Indonesia & Malaysia, having hardcoded blocks can be out of date quicky. I would for example use:,[href^=""] as a better example.

Seems its been combined with other lists? (anti-adblock etc). The list needs to be cleaned up before being considered imo.

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