Brave shields need more global filters

Dear Brave i really like your browser with brave shields but can you guys please add more global filters to your shields to block more ads and make it faster to load into websites + i whould like to see a ram/cpu usage limiter feature please add it that whould be awesome 4.5/5 stars from me

@Snowwolfboi Not sure if you explored through Content Filtering but they have a lot of regions covered. And if you know of any particular filters youi’d like to add, you can do that there as well.

Brave already uses uBlock default lists, also you can enable more lists (same as uBlock) in brave://adblock

Default lists should be already enough for 98% of cases, sometimes a regional list has to be enabled to get better support but usually it is not necessary for 99.9% of people.

So your feature request doesn’t make sense, when Brave already covers more websites, and more lists will only be counterproductive since it will make things slower, not faster.

uBlock, the best adblocker, do you request the same for them to do this? no, you use it and if you need something else you either write custom filters or you load a 3rd party lists, both, supported by Brave (Desktop and Android).

Which lists are you wanting specifically? @Snowwolfboi

Yeah I know but they dont have regular EasyPrivacy for global and Peter Lowe’s ad and tracking server list like uBlock origin have and if i add them manually it seems that they dont work

Regular EasyList for global, regular EasyPrivacy for global and Peter Lowe’s ad and tracking server list if not i go turn off brave shield so it only block cross cookies, fingerprint and have uBlock origin my favorite adblocker to do the ad and tracking blocking

I use DandelionSprout and uAssets annoyances filters too for less annoyance and less ads from my region

Regular shields has Easylist and Easypriacy (also Peter Lowes list) by default.

Rest could be added via brave://adblock

But yesterday it began to show Ads on youtube

Just clear the cache/cookies and relogin. There are reports from uBO with Youtube ads occasionally also, not specific to Brave

Hi there, just wanna ask. How about ABP filters from Adblock Plus?
Is it okay to add it? and how to add it to brave?
Also does brave use Adblock Plus or Ublock?

Thank you

or more filters like ublock origin have, use by default like easyprivacy and such.