Additional regional adblocker filter list (RU AdList: Counters)

Hello, dear developers of Brave browser!

Since Brave browser does not currently support subscribing to custom adblocker lists via URL, I would like to ask you to add one more list to those available in brave://adblock.

The list is called “RU AdList: Counters” (URL is, support URL is, and it is an addition to “RU AdList”, which turns on automatically for the Russian-speaking users.

By the way, Opera’s native adblocker does combine “RU AdList” and “RU AdList: Counters” into a single list ( It would be nice to do the same for Brave or, alternatively, have this list among the available filter lists (disabled by default).

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cc @fanboynz for assistance here

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Probably not needed, most are related to trackers, which we already block in Easypriacy (including Russian sites). Any we miss, can be added to Easyprivacy.

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Dear eljuno and @fanboynz, thank you for the quick response!

Right now I am using uBlock Origin with both filters activated. EasyPrivacy has 17341 rules active of 17683, and “RU AdList: Counters” has 1028 rules active of 1028. With the Russin list inactive, EasyPrivacy has 17558 rules active of 17683, so that difference is not identical.

Somehow it happened that it is being developed as a separate list, not part of EasyPrivacy. Maybe it is still worth adding?

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