Regional Ad Block: Disabled


Hi there. New to this forum and new to Brave. Started using Brave few days ago. I really like the experience so far.
I googled Regional Ad Block: Disabled, but I could not find what this means. Nor how to do enable it if I may wish to.
Forgive me if this topic has already been addressed on previous posts, kindly direct me to it.



@utts is this on desktop or mobile?


@eljuno Hi.
This is on desktop Windows 10 home x64


Got it! Thanks for the confrimation @utts.

Regional ad-block is additional filter list specific to your “regional”. It’ll be enabled if you have your Brave set to another language other than English.

Here, I have my Brave set to Indonesian

And regional ad block list is enabled. In this case, ABPindo, is added as additional filter list.





Got it. Much appreciate your prompt reply. Just starting the day here and I wish you g’day too.

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Feel free to open a new thread if you have another questions/feedback/reports.

Have a good day and thanks for using Brave.

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