Why is EasyList China ticked in filter lists?

New Brave user here. I was going through settings and found “filter lists”. Out of the box, EasyList China is selected, but no others are. Why is that, I am in UK not China?

Do most people use any of these lists? I’d love to block as much junk as possible especially fingerprinters/trackers. Can anyone recommend a good one (or few) to choose, or do most people find Brave’s standard filtering is good enough usually?

No clue why that one would have been checked, as it’s not normally selected by default to my knowledge.

I’m not sure about “most people” but I can say they are very helpful. At least two of them are typically worth activating, in my opinion.

  • Fanboy Annoyances List
  • uBlock Annoyances List

Sometimes you’ll have to create custom filters too, depending on websites you visit. Like there was one someone posted that had ads showing despite Shields being up. We had to add custom filter below to get those ads to stop on that particular site:


I only showed that example to say that yes, they are helpful. Each list helps narrow down some known issues. Yet running too many can slow things down and cause issues. Thus typically you’ll just activate when your current settings aren’t good enough, basically.

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Excellent, exactly what I was hoping for. thank you.

I have de-selected China list and ticked those two as they do look darn good, plus I also ticked the cookie list to block the GDPR cookie acceptance stuff.

Thanks again

Nothing checked by default is usual.

Just as an example (in the USA) I checked Fanboy Annoyances and uBlock Annoyances. The Brave default wasn’t quite doing it for me, and I had previously used those in Slimjet.

If you like YouTube you may like these custom filters:


The first suppresses thumbnail animations, and the other two are the latest in the ad blocking arms race.

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Thank you! How do i insert that into my browser?
I would LOVE to be able to block as many ads as possible on Youtube, will this take care of it or does Brave block those anyway?

PS will this work on android version of Brave? I just tried and i had an ad on the YT video on mobile but not on my desktop brave browser, yet they are synced (settings etc the same).

You shouldn’t need to adjust any filters to have ads blocked on Youtube — Shields should do that by default. What type of ads are you seeing on Youtube and for how long has this been happening?

YouTube recently added a new way of showing ads.
No doubt Brave will be up to speed in the arms race soon, but in the mean time a few custom filters do the trick.

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If anyone is seeing ads on YouTube right now, it’d be super helpful to see:

  1. Console information of the page (easiest way is to right-click on the add and select Inspect from the context menu, then select the Console tab in the resulting dev-tools window).
  2. A screenshot of the ads as the appear on your end.

Thank you

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