Allow users to choose which ad-lists brave uses for blocking

I posted about this previously here, but never got a response. Brave needs a way to choose which ad lists it subscribes to as everyone has their preferences / reasons to choose or not choose certain lists.

Personally, I would like to remove EasyPrivacy from the list. I imagine the other lists that Brave uses cover most of what EasyPrivacy includes, and the developers of EasyPrivacy have been extremely dismissive of my request to have certain URLs removed from their list (I didn’t even get a legitimate reason for the URLs presence in the list to begin with).

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This feature has already been implemented:

It has just now hit Developer channel and should make its way down the pipeline to release shortly.


Wow, that’s absolutely amazing! Thanks for the quick reply and keep up the great work on the browser!

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Wow I’d love to know what is going on :crazy_face: I’m going to suss it out someday :pray:t3:

@Mattches my “about:adblock” page currently just says regional blocking is disabled. I just downloaded the mot recent update, is this feature not fully complete yet?

Total Ads Blocked: 440817
Regional Ad Block: Disabled

Looks like it just made it to Dev build – should be moving into release shortly.