[Report of possible bug] Issue with opening a new tab

Description of the issue:

While beeing in a tabs group and opening a new tab, it’s beeing open outside of that tab group

Note: The taken steps and current brhaviour are same as above

Expected result:

Opening a new tab in the same tabs group

Reproduces how often: Often

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Brave version: for:

  • Android: 1.36.112
  • Linux: Due technical problems (pc fail), I’m unable to check it

Tested on:

  • Linux based on Debian 11
  • Android 10

Additional Information:

@mcgiwer You will have to open new tab in group to open the tab in group whether you are in a grouped tab or not.

Open new tab inside the group if you are in the grouped tab all the time will disable the option to open outside if I wanted to.

As described, I tryed to open a new tab inside of the group, but it got opened outside of it.

Unfortunatelly, in comparation to the pc version, the one for Android leaks of many features and options :slightly_frowning_face:

@mcgiwer Can you describe what steps you took to open a new tab inside group tabs that opened a new tab outside of the group?

Was it a tap on the + sign in the group tabs?

I can try, however I’m unable to send any screenshoot of it.

While beeing in the tabs group, I had selected on a opened in it page to open a element of it in a new tab.

The new tab instead of beeing open in the same tabs group, it had been opened in it’s parent (not grouped)

When tabs are properly grouped, you should see them displayed on the bottom of the screen above the toolbar. Tapping the + icon will open a new tab in the group:

I agree…it should work this way, but if it would do that then I wouldn’t open this topic :yum:

I was suprised that on the Android 10 Brave is acting not as it should. How else you could name it when you try to open in a new tab in the group and it’s beeing opened as ungrouped instead ?

So to be clear — when you click that plus button on the bottom right, shown in the image above, it opens a tab in a new tab group? Is it possible to see a short recording of the behavior?

I think I had discovered the reason of such behaviour. It’s possible that thru a overseeing there is a limit of number of allowed to open tabs in the group

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