New links don't open in current tab group

Description of the issue:
Clicking on links no longer opens it in the same tab group that I’m in, it opens the link in a new window even with the setting “Only open links in current tab group.”

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open brave browser on an android device
  2. Only Open Links In Current Tab Group (settings > appearance > enable Only Open Links In Current Tab Group)
  3. Open links in current tab group
  4. Ignores setting and opens links in a new window.

Expected result:
For links to open in the current tab group.

Brave Version: Brave 1.57.62, Chromium 116.0.5845.180

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Additional Information: This issue started after the new update.

Just tested this on my end and it seems to work for me as intended. Would it be possible for you to share a short screen recording of the behavior?

hi, @Mattches , i’ve been having the same issue @soulsilk9503 encountered on my Brave mobile app. right-clicking a link and opening it in the same tab group works as intended, but directly clicking on a link that is expected to open in the same tab group opens a new window instead.

here’s a quick screen recording of this behavior. i’m on the same Brave version as OP.

Brave Version: Brave 1.57.62, Chromium 116.0.5845.180 on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

would appreciate your support on this one, thanks!

Testing again, I see what you are seeing. I am not sure why exactly this is the case and we may have a bug with that particular option (Only open links in current tab group) that needs to be addressed.

I’ve forwarded this information to the Android team for review.

So I’ve opened an issue for this here:

It is worth mentioning that this issue does not reproduce in the Beta version of the browser — so it may already be fixed with the next browser update. Will keep an eye out on this to see.

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Annnnnd one last update — it appears that this was in fact already known and will be fixed in the next browser update:

that’s great! thank you so much for the update!

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