Repetition of ads

Is there any way of preventing ads from repeating continuously? Even when I view an ad it will be re-sent multiple times. Very annoying!

You must not like the BAT, because I love it! But if you do not want to see them, simply give it a thumbs down (only works on PC). But beware, you may regret that later!

I like bat just fine. Would just like a way to not see the same ad 7 or 8 times in a row.

As you can see from my topic here, that doesn’t necessarily work either.

You can give a “thumbs down” on an ad, and even try to block the entire ad category, but the system will still serve you the same advertiser’s ads, likely even the same exact ads, in a different category.

For example:

You can see that I gave a “thumbs down” on “Amber Group” yesterday, and also chose to block the entire category of “Crypto Curious.” However, the second ad I received after doing that was another ad for Amber Group, in the same category I had just “blocked.” You can also see that today, I received ANOTHER ad about crypto in the supposedly blocked category of “Crypto Curious”, which conveniently is no longer blocked.

The system of categorization, blocking categories, and likes/unlikes for ads is broken.

@G2theC That is a shame. There is probably more to it than simply blocking it then. Only thing I can guess is, some of the ads have like more than one campaign like if you check the ads in your region, sometimes lets say Amber group for example, might have 1-3 different ads that can be seen. Still blocking the crypto curious group should nullify that. Honestly tho most of the ads available are mainly crypto based. You could just opt out of ads, but unless you really want to see the non crypto ones such as idk, Intel Vpro ads, you probably just gotta keep the ads on and just keep trying to downplay these annoying crypto ones then. Perhaps @GreenBananaPorridge can shed some light as to why the thumbs down/blocking does not seem to work.

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