How do I remove the gay sh17 from the default tab?

Usually I would uninstall and go elsewhere but I’ll make an exception because I love you guys, no homo… I still don’t want to see it. It’s the kucoin ad.

Inb4 banned.


Lower right hand corner of new tab page, click the where it says “customize”.

Then go down the list and turn everything off.

Oh, thank you my friend.

@Chavez1 First off, the thing you’re talking about is one of the ads that someone paid to have shown. Usually if there’s a specific ad you don’t like, the best thing to do is to go to brave://rewards/ and then click on 30-day Ads History. It will look something like below:

If you ever see an ad you don’t like, which in your case is KuCoin, you can hit the thumbs down and it will stop showing it (or it will show less often anyway). Also if you EVER think something is inappropriate, you can hit the hamburger menu next to the thumbs down and mark it that way.

The method Passenger mentioned will disable Sponsored Images, which means you’ll no longer see ANY of those regardless of content and you’ll not be able to earn BAT from those when you open New Tab. So I’d only do that if you don’t care about that little bit of BAT.

Also, FYI. The Heart is if you like seeing ads from that Category, it’s just letting know. The :no_entry_sign: is to block that category, not just that particular ad or campaign. Keep idea is CATEGORY and not Ad. So be very careful about hitting the :no_entry_sign: or you might greatly restrict the amount of ads you see.

Saoiray - I’ll do it your way. I despise ads (hence me using this browser and it’s wonderful adblock) and don’t use bat but surely brave gets some extra money for ad views. I have no problem viewing ads that aren’t trying to propagate social issues to help out.

And you must be a hater. Blessings and happy pride. Very Proud

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