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I see all kinds of yada-yada on how “configurable” Brave Ads is and how much “control” users have but when it comes to hard info … nothing. Like: how can I block certain BAT ads to be served? Like, I don’t want to see anything Amazon-related, so no Amazon, Zalando, whatever. No matter what.
Doable? And if not, WHY not? Because, you know, claiming the user being in “full control” and such …

In the 7 day ad history you can exclude your chosen categories

Sorry, but that does not help. For example when I tick off primevideo, then ads for the Ledger Nano also get disabled. I asked for a method to block specific examples (Amazon in all its iterations), not how to manage “categories” that do not make sense anyway, as we can see.
Thanks for trying, though.

Sorry, but that does not help. It is a bug.

i had never tried it but, anyone have checked what giving a tumbs down to those ads do?

Technically it should be mark as a no wanted ad for you (more dislikes should incresse the probability to not see another one). The option suggested is to block all ads under a category.

Again i never tried it, but it´s not bad idea to give it a try.

In any case @Mattches is there something like this ?

You need to “thumbs-down” the ad so that the system knows that you’re not interested in it. While we do have future plans for deeper controls, the idea at this time is to “train” the system to serve you more relevant ads, rather than block entire campaigns.

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