Remove X on tabs + Tabs at bottom

Two requests for tabs. For privacy reasons, I am moving to Brave, but Brave is not yet quite so user-friendly.

REMOVE X ON TABS: Twice already I have accidentally closed a tab because I fumbled the mouse position when selecting it. Some people like the X for closing the tab — for others, like me, the X is a real pest. Could we please have the option of removing it.

TABS AT BOTTOM: Could we please have the option of tabs at the bottom. Many people want this, many people have already written their reasons. Please implement it soon.

I created an account just to second these as options (not defaults, please). Having navigation UI so far away from each other is more than frustrating. It can even be painful on some devices. The back button is at the bottom, but I have to reach all the way across the screen to close a tab??? My hand doesn’t stretch like that.

Edit: Even having an independent “close tab” button at the bottom would solve both of these issues.