Less Payout again

Why do I keep getting paid less? again I got less into my uphold account. I have almost 26+ BAT bending but I receive only 1.1875 BAT

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 5.19.17 AM

HI @anthonyinit, based on the screenshot it looks like your wallet still needs to be verified.

@steeven It was working properly until suddenly brave gave me a message saying wallet has reached the limit. this is crazy I didn’t uninstall nor create a new wallet for months.

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And yet here we are unable to remove old devices…

@steeven can we get something official about this issue?
Is this being worked on? How is it coming along? Rough estimate about a timeframe? Anything would help!

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This is as official as it gets:

There are many pieces to this puzzle, so it may take a while to implement a solution.

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As you can see. There is a post of mine in there Rosie.
There is nothing in there. No info.

Yes, but it’s being looked into, and any new information will posted be there first.

This also happened to me and now it says “I’ve reached the device limit” but this browser was one of the devices that is verified… Or at least it was.

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I guess Brave imposes the 4-device limit not Uphold. At least brave should give an option to deauthorize the old device which is not in use.

Really frustrating

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