Reload Once with Shields Down

A site I use frequently works fine with shields up, apart from the comments system. While hopefully this will be fixed at some point, it would be great if there was an option on the drop down to reload the page once with shields down. That way I can use the comments section when I need to, but most of the time the shields are still up.

Hello @Gruntfuggly

not sure if i got you right or not but then you turn off the shield and even if you change the shield settings the page reload

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I’d like to be able to leave the shield on, but just turn it off for a single page reload and then automatically turn on again without reloading the page.

thanks for explaining

visit your site then turn the shield off it will be off for just this site and if you even make custom setting for shield for certain site it will be only for that site other sites would not be affected but it per site not just part of site

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I don’t want to turn the shield off for the site - most of the time it is fine and blocks trackers and ads, which is what I want. But to use the comments section (which I do occasionally) I have to turn the shield off, make the comment and then turn it back on again.

It just needs a button to reload the page with shield off, but not actually turn the setting off (for the site).

could you send link to the site so the team check

did you tried to change the setting for the shield like allow all cookies and lower the tracker block level and the fingerprint or mix of all those 3 settings

I used the report broken site button, but the site is

Example URL:

I tried all the different combinations available from the drop down and the only thing that allows the comments to be shown is to turn the shield off.

well done then and have a nice day :slight_smile: