Looking for list of "Shields Down" Sites

The Brave support for Shield Settings states…

“If you change settings for a particular site, Shields will remember your choices, even if you change the global Shields settings.”

Where is that list located in the Brave settings and options?
That is to say, Im looking for a list of sites and the “Shields Down” / other settings for all sites Ive set custom options for.

The reason for this, is because while BRAVE remembers them… I dont. :wink:

I was doing some research that involved a great many sites, sometimes I set shields down to get a site to work, but, then I put shields back UP before I close the browser.

I forgot once, and since Ive set Brave to clear my history, I cant find the sites to change the default back to “Shields Up”.

I wish Brave and a “Shields Down ONCE” the same way it has the “run scripts once” option.

Anyways, where is that list? Where can I find and customize sites Ive set to “shields down”?
Ive dug through the “Shields and Sites” settings, but cant find anything like what Im looking for.


Not aware of a “list”, we’re rolling out fixes in Brave and in Easylist/Easyprivacy. So any list would become redundant over time.

If there a sites you’re having issues I can look into it.

Such a list doesn’t exist, unfortunately. You’re not the first one to be asking for a similar feature.

No, the problem is I had, 10+ or so site open, with some and some not “shields down”.
Then I was in a hurry and closed Brave.
I have it set to clear all my history, so, I really have no idea what sites they were to go back to them and set them to “shields up”.

I dont clear site data on close…if I 100% clear all browsing data, will that reset all Shields up/down selections?

I could just go scorched earth then and do it that way.

Ah…well then…
…there you have it.

Thanks for the confirmation.

If you clear All time browsing data for Site and Shields Settings, that will reset global Brave Shields settings (brave://shields) along with all site-specific Brave Shields settings (all websites will be on default Brave Shields settings).

Note: No matter the time range, clearing Site and Shields Settings will reset global Brave Shields settings (brave://shields). Reported and known bug.

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