Easy way of turning on/off shield for all or specific sites

This may be a duplication of certain posts. But I think I am asking for a cross section (ad-block/cookie block/tracker block etc.) function, so I decide to post a new one.

So there are cases when I want to allow everything for certain domain.

For example, I may want to allow everything when logging onto a trusted website such as government or banking portal, to avoid potential issues caused by certain blocking functions.

It would help if:
a) There is a place to edit an exception list that have all kinds of blockings off by default.
b) There is a single button that I can click on to toggle the shield on/off.


And you can do that with Shields icon CMIIW. The Brave icon in URL bar (it’s per site shields settings).


It’s true to a certain extend.


  1. The shield at the top seems to base on the whole domain name. In quite a few cases when I actually want to use it, I want to set it at the second level domain (e.g. bankname.com), regardless of the lower level domain names. It is not uncommon for major sites to utilize third level domains within a logged in area. And not able to set it directly at a second level domain means I need to turn off every single one, and may need to re-login for every new one I encountered.

This is mainly a concern for login-sites. It is not just annoying, but may unintentionally spakle security alert when logging on/off happened multiple times in a short period of time. Which may lead to account being temporarily locked.

  1. This is minor, but in some other cases, I may simply want to turn the sheild off regardless of sites, for a while. E.g. if I am clicking through some cross-site registration/deals that requires cookie reference/tracking from a specific site, I may simply want to turn the shield off temporarily.
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