Release to "stable" channel less frequently

I kindly propose to release to “stable” channel less frequently, or create an extra PPA channel “very stable”, so people who use Brave for business meetings/conference presentations won’t suddently be affected by a bugs that occurs in current “stable” channel. Users needing to downgrade Brave is a clear sign that releases are too often now, related post: How to revert to earlier version of Brave for Linux?

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This, I wager, will cause extensive and/or amplified debate and discussion.
Personally, I disagree, but I can see where you’re coming from and like the “very stable” idea.
However, I like the frequency of the upgrades/updates, and am of the proactive bent, so if I run into a problem, I look for a workaround until I’m certain it’s not just me, and then I report a bug.

Happy New Year, fellow users and dev teams!

Yeah, but if you have a conference presentation in few hours you don’t want to look for workarounds and you just use the browser that works. What you described I am doing as well, but it is not for appropriate for a stable channel. Stable means stable, so you should be able to safely upgrade a minutes before your business meeting not worrying that your tool will stop working.

Simple answer:

If the version you’re using is stable enough for your upcoming presentation, do NOT upgrade to the next version [until after the presentation].

Personally, introducing yet another channel would be too much for the Dev team.

I agree, and not just for developers but also for users. And this is exactly the reason why I proposed to do releases less frequently.

…or at least, don’t install them when you have something mission critical impending.

Just wondering @jangorecki, do 3 weeks major release cycle is “too frequent”? Other browsers is IIRC 4 weeks release cycle.

I’m agree with this point. But it may different for each user. I personally never have an issue with stable release.

If you have an issue, feel free to report it. :slight_smile: