Issues when "updates are available"

Related side topic: I am not happy with having to update from 1 to 3 times a week.
Can’t those be consolidate and done monthly ?

Back to the issue…
Being tired of doing updates so frequently, I stopped doing them.
As a result, with sessions up 24/7 for several days, I run into a problem when trying to post something on a forum.
It will take 10 seconds or more to post.
If I install the updates, shutdown, all my browser windows, then restart and back to normal.
This has been happening for the last couple of months.

Anybody else experience this ?

Hi and a belated welcome to the community. Community member myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not experiencing this but then my system is ancient and slow to begin with. I usually don’t relaunch (if required) with an update and just leave it for the next time I close/open Brave. But then, I also don’t have sessions open 24/7 for several days. So, my typical experience is very different than yours and probably not helpful at all! I really can’t think of anything that may help in your situation.

I am posting the Release schedule below. There are planned releases twice a month. Also, Brave frequently posts fixes, both background fixes (no notices posted) and fixes posted in Release Notes.

I do not know if there is anything that can be done to reduce the annoyance factor given your situation. Hopefully, my post bumping your topic may get a response from a community member and/or Brave support who can provide some helpful tips that will reduce the issues you experience due to frequent updates.

Take care.

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