Dramatically less updates!

Please, stop sending out updates as they just fall out of the keyboard from developer! That’s not very trustworthy!

Ok, programmer quality like in the 90s we will not get back. That was nice, up to 2 updates a year, and those only for very exotic bugs. Because the rest of the software was bug free and well tested.

Currently Brave notifies every 2 weeks about updates… a bit much! Could you limit this to e.g. “the 2nd Tuesday every 3 months” or at least to a cycle longer than one month.
I understand if security related updates are released faster/earlier. But if every 2 weeks security updates are pending… then the product is in no way good or safe! (poor self-promotion)

I hope for a professional realization,

PS: and no, I will not disable the automatic update process, because if I do this, I would use a bad and unsafe browser!