Brave updates are too frequent

I realize that one can skip a Brave update, however, is it really necessary to issue updates so frequently. They seem to come more than once a week. Unless there is an urgent security patch surely once a month is enough for feature updates.

This is more or less an industry standard for software companies. Frequent updates have several benefits:

  • The codeis always in a shippable state and the software is always getting better.
  • Releases are lower stress for everyone because they’re not an exception – they are a regular occurrence with a known process.
  • It’s easier for product managers to hold back features that aren’t quite baked because the next release isn’t far away.
  • The work load for developers is more sustainable (there aren’t spans of time with constant late nights).
  • The team can get timely feedback on new ideas and iterate more rapidly.
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Those are all good points. However, four to six week update cycles are common. For example:

and Safari is updated much less frequently.

Maybe it’s just an observation effect but it feels as though Brave updates more frequently.

Major release cycle for stable release is ~3 weeks.

But maybe minor release make it feels like it’s updated too frequent.

I have “Nightly” channels installed for various browsers on a number of machines … try that sometime : )

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