Release Channel 1.37.109

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Full Release Notes

  • [Security] Prevent Brave Wallet secrets potentially being saved to disk (credit: Halborn). (#21874)
  • Added ability to add custom background images for New Tab Page. (#19640)
  • Added ability to enable sidebar via brave://settings/appearance. (#21699)
  • Added fee oracle for EIP-1559 to estimate priority fees in Brave Wallet. (#20469)
  • Added swap functionality to Polygon network with 0x in Brave Wallet. (#21264)
  • Added network icons under the various network selector buttons throughout Brave Wallet. (#20986)
  • Added swaps for BSC, Avalanche, Optimism, Fantom, and Celo in Brave Wallet. (#21473)
  • Added ability to disable Brave Wallet icon in the toolbar by right clicking and selecting “Hide Brave Wallet icon on toolbar”. (#19514)
  • Added ability to hide balances via “hide” button under Brave Wallet. (#20838)
  • Added network identifications to portfolio assets in Brave Wallet. (#20902)
  • Added tool-tip to send button in Brave Wallet when button is in a disabled state. (#21053)
  • Added message in Brave Rewards that warns users they have 90 days to claim ad earnings and solve CAPTCHA. (#17133)
  • Added ability to to override page elements with “!important” styles using cosmetic filtering. (#20177)
  • Added current version of IPFS component extension to brave://ipfs. (#18493)
  • Improved selection of RPC URLs after input from with variables and wss:// (Affects Arbitrum). (#20958)
  • Improved the webcompat reporter. (#20095)
  • Improved adblocking by applying generic cosmetic filters from brave://adblock into “Standard” shields blocking mode. (#20855)
  • Updated PageInfo version 2 to support IPFS links. (#19421)
  • Updated IPFS toolbar icon to match both “Tor” and “Onion Available” icons. (#21092)
  • Updated IPFS DNSLink URL resolution to “/ipns/”. (#20567)
  • Moved IPNS menu items into a separate menu under the IPFS context menu. (#16998)
  • Removed the “microsoft-edge” protocol from brave://settings/system. (#21553)
  • Removed resize limitation for picture-in-picture windows. (#20789)
  • Fixed DevTools setting changes not persisting once Brave is closed. (#20491)
  • Fixed tipping with Gemini logging users out in certain cases. (#21591)
  • Fixed update popup being displayed during the Sparkle update process on macOS. (#9562)
  • Fixed transaction confirmation button in Brave Wallet not being disabled if estimated gas limit is zero. (#20259)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet randomly crashing when current network is set as Arbitrum. (#21109)
  • Fixed error when importing accounts using hardware wallets after Brave Wallet was reset via brave://settings/wallet. (#21137)
  • Fixed the default wallet setting needing a new tab when moving from “Brave Wallet” setting to “Brave Wallet (prefer extensions)”. (#21571)
  • Fixed styling issue in Brave Wallet that prevented the swap container from dynamically updating due to the errors being displayed. (#21061)
  • Fixed addresses being duplicated when multiple keyrings are enabled in Brave Wallet. (#21015)
  • Fixed various precision issues while formatting amounts in Brave Wallet. (#20994)
  • Fixed transaction status not being updated in certain cases for pending transactions in Brave Wallet. (#21300)
  • Fixed insufficient liquidity not being displayed on the swap button in Brave Wallet even though browser console logs the error. (#20467)
  • Fixed assets with zero balance not being displayed in various panels in Brave Wallet. (#20955)
  • Fixed URLs not being correctly redirected to the correct URL after unlocking Brave Wallet. (#19820)
  • Fixed settings icon not being displayed correctly in Brave Wallet when dark theme is being used. (#20859)
  • Fixed several Brave Wallet onboarding issues. (#19957)
  • Fixed MetaMask importer being shown even though MetaMask wallet hasn’t been created. (#20799)
  • Fixed DNSLink redirecting to either IPNS or IPFS depending on whether a DNS-CNAME-to-IPFS or DNS-IPNS-to-IPFS redirect is involved. (#20320)
  • Fixed IPFS onboarding does not validate postmessage origin. (#21234)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 100.0.4896.60. (#21953) (Changelog for 100.0.4896.60)