Release Channel 1.47.171

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Notable fixes and additions

Full Release Notes

  • Added a fiat balance for each token and account total in the Brave Wallet “Select Token” modal. (#26838)
  • Added a new Brave Wallet “Send” tab. (#26371)
  • Added an account selector in the Brave Wallet “Send” tab. (#26784)
  • Added NFT tooltip in Brave Wallet “Send” tab. (#26753)
  • Added support for Uint8Array private key import of Solana account for Brave Wallet. (#26672)
  • Added a toggle to hide the price graph on Brave Wallet’s “Portfolio” page. (#26080)
  • Added a network filter to the Brave Wallet “Edit Visible Assets” modal. (#23675)
  • Added Brave icon for Brave Wallet pages. (#25818)
  • Added placeholder text for “Recent Transactions” modal in Brave Wallet. (#24335)
  • Added “Copy clean link” feature to renderer view context menu. (#25845)
  • Added Brave Creators promotion card under brave://rewards. #25503)
  • Added “Connecting to selected custodian temporarily unavailable” error modal in Brave Rewards. (#25125)
  • Added promotion of Snowflake extension for Tor. (#25315)
  • Added support for “$removeparam” adblock filter syntax under brave://settings/shields/filters. (#23927)
  • Added “IPFS public gateway address for NFT” setting under brave://settings/ipfs. (#25646)
  • Added the ability to set Brave Shields via Admin policy. (#25394)
  • Added Windows group policy templates. (#26501)
  • [Security] Fixed Brave Wallet showing wrong network when signing DApp messages or transactions. (#26476)
  • [Security] Added mixed content check for “.onion” URLs as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl. (#25939)
  • [Security] Improved browser privacy by reducing high resolution timer precision as reported on HackerOne by joe12387. (#24681)
  • [Security] Fixed Brave Today opening non-HTTP or non-HTTPS URLs as reported on HackerOne by nishimunea. (#27602)
  • Integrated SNS address resolution when navigated to .sol domains. (#26652)
  • Implemented SNS address resolution to send tokens via .sol domain in Brave wallet. (#25907)
  • Improved asset discovery for Brave Wallet on page refresh. (#25820)
  • Improved performance of cosmetic filtering in third-party iframes. (#26212)
  • Increased area on windows where they can be picked up for drag and drop. (#25757)
  • Updated Brave Wallet backup UI under brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet. (#26399)
  • Updated Brave Wallet backup words to display number and text. (#26591)
  • Updated Brave Wallet backup text under brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet. (#26227)
  • Updated new user onboarding design and flow. (#26378)
  • Updated Web Discovery Project promotion to display an infobar. (#26576)
  • Updated Brave Rewards for users in specific countries to disallow enabling and show clearer unavailable messaging. (#25275)
  • Updated connection messages on Tor windows. (#24978)
  • Updated internal URLs on the New Tab Page to display brave:// URL scheme when hovered over. (#2566)
  • Updated text under crypto widget previews on “Customize Dashboard” modal. (#26223)
  • Reduced the size of Windows group policy templates. (#26611)
  • Removed rejected transactions from displaying under account transactions in Brave Wallet. (#19441)
  • Removed “Restore” tab from “Manage Brave Rewards” modal. (#26338)
  • Removed known tracking parameter “vgo_ee” from URLs. (#26295)
  • Removed Chromium “Ads” permission from site settings UI under brave://settings/content/siteDetails. (#27010)
  • Fixed “The receiving address is your own address” error message not showing on the “Send token” tab for Brave Wallet. (#26918)
  • Fixed broken images for ERC721 tokens from token registry in Brave Wallet. (#26594)
  • Fixed inability to add ERC721 from token registry in Brave Wallet. (#26593)
  • Fixed the show or hide chart state to persist between page loads in Brave Wallet’s “Portfolio” page. (#26557)
  • Fixed issue where NFTs did not display icons on Brave Wallet Portfolio list and “NFT” tab in certain cases. (#26343)
  • Fixed ERC20 token balance overflow display issue on Brave Wallet token details screen. (#26122)
  • Fixed Brave News crash which occurred when certain characters were at the end of the title or description field. (#26604)
  • Fixed Brave News icon displaying in the URL bar prior to opting into Brave News. (#27057)
  • Fixed “Set IPFS gateway” popup not closing after clicking “Submit”. (#26104)
  • Fixed automatic redirects to IPFS via gateway not working in certain cases. (#21454)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 109.0.5414.87. (#27710) (Changelog for 109.0.5414.87)