Release Channel 1.43.88

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Brave Translate. (#23813)
  • Added ability to customize the number of top sites shown on the New Tab Page. (#6619)
  • Added setting for “Close window when closing last tab” under brave://settings/system on Windows and Linux. (#1002)
  • Added Filecoin to Ramp.Network asset list in Brave Wallet. (#24123)
  • Added the ability to search networks when adding a new network under brave://settings/wallet/networks for Brave Wallet. (#23628)
  • Added Solana connectivity status in Brave Wallet UI. (#22184)
  • Added Filecoin Testnet support for Brave Wallet. (#23368)
  • Added dynamic Brave Ads payout status UI to Brave Rewards. (#23429)
  • Added more specific messaging when setting up pending tips using Brave Rewards. (#20748)
  • Added the ability to import from Opera. (#23738)
  • Added the ability to import from Vivaldi. (#23704)
  • [Security] Implemented feature policy for Ethereum and Solana for iframes. (#23710)
  • [Security] Fixed IPFS crash bypass as reported on HackerOne by neeythann. (#24211)
  • [Security] Fixed IPNS to always honor DNS-over-HTTPs (DoH) setting. (#24678)
  • [Security] Fixed certificate pinning. (#24451)
  • Implemented “Bridge to Aurora” for Brave Wallet. (#24377)
  • Implemented separate keyrings and correct root paths for Filecoin Mainnet and Testnet in Brave Wallet. (#23241)
  • Implemented 3rd party support for Google authentication with chrome.identity. (#15754)
  • Improved copying addresses within Brave Wallet. (#22740)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to prompt users to create a Solana account when interacting with a Solana DApp if no Solana account exists. (#23898)
  • Updated default buy asset to be SOL when Solana is selected under Brave Wallet. (#24066)
  • Updated default wallet preferences for Ethereum and Solana to be separate settings under brave://settings/wallet. (#24079)
  • Updated the add network panel for Brave Wallet to display the full RPC URL. (#23935)
  • Updated Brave Wallet UI to display a message when buy is not supported by selected Testnet. (#23773)
  • Updated Brave Rewards tipping banner to show error messaging when tips do not succeed. (#19071)
  • Updated IPFS to use a longer delay between reconnection attempts. (#24461)
  • Updated Brave Shields to persist “Advanced Controls” display when selected. (#23188)
  • Updated “Automatically redirect .onion sites” under brave://settings/extensions to be disabled when “Private window with Tor” is also disabled. (#23560)
  • Removed import of disabled extensions from Chromium browsers. (#24250)
  • Removed Jump List on Windows when deleting browsing history. (#9820)
  • Fixed “window.ethereum.send” to be writable. (#25078)
  • Fixed inability to send Filecoins from a hardware wallet with Brave Wallet. (#24824)
  • Fixed Speedreader crash which occurred in certain cases. (#24588)
  • Fixed inability to import passwords from Edge on macOS and Linux. (#24343)
  • Fixed high memory usage associated with Web Discovery Project. (#23573)
  • Fixed video playback being halted in certain cases. (#13586)
  • Fixed blank brave://settings page for Guest windows. (#24242)
  • Fixed tab group outline not being rendered properly when using light theme. (#24095)
  • Fixed unreadable bookmarks bar text when using certain themes. (#24110)
  • Fixed disappearing text under brave://settings/braveHelpTips in certain cases. (#22736)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 105.0.5195.68. (#25009) (Changelog for 105.0.5195.68)
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