Release Channel 1.48.158

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Solana NFT gallery support to Brave Wallet. (#27129)
  • Added Brave Wallet Swap V2. (#26632)
  • Added Web3 settings section under brave://settings/web3. (#14516)
  • Added “Transactions” tab to Brave Wallet, also accessible via brave://wallet/crypto/transactions. (#27106)
  • Added loading skeletons to Brave Wallet asset list on the “Portfolio” and “Account” pages. (#26547)
  • Added a loading state to Brave Wallet UI while API resolves domains. (#26956)
  • Added support for “eth_signTransaction” and “eth_sendRawTransaction” in Brave Wallet. (#23582)
  • Added support the “eth_subscribe” method in Brave Wallet to show new block head every 20 seconds. (#21350)
  • Added asset balance to the “Swap To” field in Brave Wallet . (#23161)
  • Added asset balance to the “Swap From” field in Brave Wallet. (#21565)
  • Added IPNS support for redirecting IPNS links to configured gateway. (#26485)
  • Added new side navigation on “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet. (#27008)
  • Added and updated rewards states for Brave Rewards changes as described in (#27054)
  • Added keyboard shortcut “CTRL+M” for muting a tab. (#26994)
  • Added “Disable mute function in tab speaker icons” setting under brave://settings/appearance. (#6690)
  • Added the ability to import from Yandex. (#27301)
  • Added Microsoft Internet Explorer to “Import Settings” screen via brave://welcome onboarding. (#27557)
  • Added “Auto-redirect tracking URLs” setting under brave://settings/shields. (#24020)
  • Added sidebar position menu entry to sidebar context menu. (#27160)
  • [Security] Fixed EIP712Domain data not being displayed in Brave Wallet when signing messages as reported on HackerOne by julianor. (#28048)
  • [Security] Added the ability to delete a Brave Sync chain. (#22884)
  • Improved network list user experience via Brave Wallet. (#27058)
  • Improved “Assets” filter on Brave Wallet “Portfolio” page. (#27323)
  • Updated ENS, SNS, and UD to use Brave endpoints for address resolution in both the omnibox and Brave Wallet. (#26654)
  • Updated Brave Wallet panel to display full account names. (#27612)
  • Updated text on UD, ENS, and SNS interstitial pages. (#27110)
  • Updated Brave Wallet UI to display Swap quotes and routing information. (#21761)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to show 0x Swaps price comparison against CoinGecko. (#21704)
  • Updated brave://settings/appearance to group sidebar settings together. (#25717)
  • Updated brave://settings/braveSync/setup when unable to decrypt the sync passphrase. (#25028)
  • Reverted Twitter’s “t” tracking parameter removal due to webcompat issues in certain cases. (#28184)
  • Removed address resolution for “.coin” TLD from Unstoppable Domains. (#27436)
  • Removed known Twitter tracking parameters “ref_src” and “ref_url” from URLs. (#26966)
  • Removed crypto widgets. (#26865)
  • Removed known Yahoo tracking parameters from URLs. (#25691)
  • Fixed crash in Brave Wallet when Solana is selected as the default provider. (#28147)
  • Fixed custom names for NFTs not being displayed after adding an NFT to the Brave Wallet portfolio. (#28131)
  • Fixed Solana “Send” transactions not showing receiving address in Brave Wallet. (#28039)
  • Fixed missing “Signed” transaction text in Brave Wallet. (#28205)
  • Fixed poor rendering of image on Brave Wallet panel for “Transaction submitted”. (#27403)
  • Fixed wildcard URLs not being blocked correctly via Brave Shields in certain cases. (#26288)
  • Fixed broken “Save” button on “Clear browsing data” modal. (#26819)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 110.0.5481.77. (#28219) (Changelog for 110.0.5481.77)