Release Channel 1.13.82

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Gemini widget to the New Tab Page. (#11457)
  • Added external wallet data to brave://rewards-internals page. (#10837)
  • Added handler for 410 response code when rewards promotion expires. (#11161)
  • Added the ability to update user models for Brave Ads via brave://components. (#9147)
  • Added link to “Reset Brave Rewards data…” under brave://settings/clearBrowserData. (#926)
  • [Security] Added “Always Show Full URLs” setting under brave://settings/appearance to display the full URL in the address bar. (#7449)
  • Enabled OS location service on Windows. (#10722)
  • Improved general performance by not downloading Tor component until a New Private Window with Tor is first opened. (#9177)
  • Updated brave://adblock to always reflect available regional adblock lists. (#10830)
  • Updated global autoplay content setting under brave://settings/content/autoplay. (#10807)
  • Implemented fingerprint farbling for Plugins. (#9435)
  • Implemented new wallet API for Brave Rewards. (#8428)
  • Disabled ability to retrieve rewards logs via brave://rewards-internals and removed existing logs. (#11260)
  • Removed anonymous addresses from Uphold flow in rewards. (#11150)
  • Removed all fingerprinting exceptions in shields. (#10598)
  • Removed all referrer exceptions in shields. (#10825)
  • Removed Brave Account branding for password storage. (#10469)
  • Fixed issue where ad conversions would fail when a site uses pushState. (#11012)
  • Fixed GitHub creators not being added to the auto-contribute table in Brave Rewards when the “Allow contribution to videos” setting was unchecked. (#10546)
  • Fixed issue where promotions for rewards would show in the UI if they had expired. (#11170)
  • Fixed clearing history from brave://settings/clearBrowserData not removing top site tiles from the New Tab Page. (#9929)
  • Fixed menu display for widgets on the New Tab Page when translations exceeded a certain length. (#10749)
  • Fixed issue where menu items did not work for the widgets on the New Tab Page in certain cases. (#10199)
  • Fixed issue where “:style(…)” cosmetic filter rules for class selectors were not applied. (#10862)
  • Fixed torrent and magnet link pages showing error message after browser restart. (#7330)
  • Fixed New Tab Page performance issues on initial render. (#9913)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 85.0.4183.83. (#11401)
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