Release Channel 1.0.0

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Release Notes


  • Added Brave Rewards widget to the New Tab Page. (#6370)
  • Added notarization support for macOS Catalina. (#5177)
  • Added link to access from brave://settings/help. (#6152)
  • Updated buttons throughout Brave to match product branding. (#6398)
  • Updated subheading text on wallet verification modal window. (#6537)
  • Improved general performance by not loading the rewards extension until it’s used. (#3436)
  • Improved general performance by not loading WebTorrent component until first launch. (#6342)
  • Removed the extraneous zero on the New Tab Page. (#5710)
  • Fixed auto-contribution still occurring when auto-contribution is disabled within brave://rewards. (#6716)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed on macOS Catalina. (#6466)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed in certain cases. (#6139)
  • Fixed notifications in rewards panel not being dismissible in certain instances. (#5913)
  • Fixed incorrect spacing around inline Twitter tip button. (#6456)
  • Fixed cookies not being imported from Chrome. (#5975)
  • Fixed cookie mismatch when importing cookies from other browsers. (#5313)
  • Fixed WebTorrent crash in certain cases. (#6193)
  • Fixed the “Clear cookies and site data when you quit Brave” toggle under brave://settings/content/cookies reverting to default state after closing the tab. (#6119)
  • Fixed tab context menus using incorrect Russian translation. (#6767)