Release Channel 1.4.95

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Full Release Notes

  • Added the ability to look up an archived page using the Wayback Machine. (#6144)
  • Added option in brave://settings to disable Tor component. (#6808)
  • Updated order of certain items on the hamburger menu. (#5552)
  • Updated theme selection to be per install instead of per profile. (#5373)
  • Fixed sync crash in certain cases. (#8178)
  • Fixed ads history being limited to 99 entries. (#8046)
  • Fixed ads history entries not being displayed in reverse chronological order. (#6757)
  • Fixed ads history showing incorrect date on Linux. (#6088)
  • Fixed multiple landed confirmations being created in certain cases. (#7249)
  • Fixed broken formatting of monthly contributions on brave://rewards for some locales. (#7296)
  • Fixed rewards notification icon not being shown on verified publisher sites. (#7121)
  • Fixed extensions being blocked when verifying Brave Rewards wallet. (#6309)
  • Fixed “too many redirects” error caused by Brave’s user-agent. (#6966)
  • Fixed P3A toggle selection not being respected in all open windows. (#7289)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 80.0.3987.122. (#8379)