Release Channel 1.11.97

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Full Release Notes

  • Added an infobar to indicate that sync v2 is coming if sync v1 is currently enabled. (#10231)
  • Added “aggressive” setting for “Trackers & ads blocked” which applies cosmetic filters to first-party ads. (#8475)
  • Added ability to import history from Safari on macOS. (#8515)
  • Added country code to ad confirmation calls for certain countries. (#9823)
  • Added priority support for Brave Ads. (#5232)
  • Added ability to view and download server error logs for Brave Rewards under brave://rewards-internals to improve rewards debugging. (#9533)
  • Added date of contributions under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support. (#10137)
  • Added contribution history under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support. (#8633)
  • Added support for fingerprint WebAuthn on macOS. (#3642)
  • Added keyboard accessibility to the Binance widget on the New Tab Page. (#9256)
  • [Security] Fixed issue where WebTorrent URL was rewritten when redirect URL was not http:// or https:// as reported on HackerOne by xhzeem. (#9159)
  • [Security] Fixed issue where private window autocomplete data could leak to normal window. (#9239)
  • Updated design for “Customize Dashboard” modal on the New Tab Page to support more options. (#9455)
  • Updated Brave Rewards to display BAT values to three decimal places. (#10027)
  • Updated user model for page classifications for Brave Ads. (#8739)
  • Updated Brave Rewards to only use first name for Uphold user wallets. (#9909)
  • Updated favicons for certain brave:// internal pages. (#10071)
  • Updated favicon on brave://bookmarks tab. (#8492)
  • Updated labels and drop down values on brave://settings/shields for consistency. (#9975)
  • Updated fingerprinting blocking levels to be “strict”, “standard”, or “disabled”. (#9194)
  • Implemented additional Canvas API fingerprint farbling protections. (#10045)
  • Implemented Web Audio API fingerprint farbling protections. (#9187)
  • Implemented additional WebGL API fingerprint protections. (#9188)
  • Migrated Brave Rewards settings from JSON to preferences. (#7024)
  • Migrated data from ledger_state to preferences for Brave Rewards. (#9869)
  • Removed Brave autoplay exceptions. (#9597)
  • Removed unnecessary balance API calls from Brave Rewards. (#9132)
  • Removed retry logic for auto-contribute if auto-contribute or Brave Rewards is disabled. (#10257)
  • Removed known user tracking parameters from Doubleclick query strings. (#9879)
  • Removed known email tracking parameters from HubSpot URLs. (#9019)
  • Removed GUID and ENV fields from crash reports. (#8865)
  • Removed Sync from brave://settings in Guest windows.(#2995)
  • Fixed crash with brave://settings/content in certain cases. (#10297)
  • Fixed immediate crash after upgrading in certain cases. (#8244)
  • Fixed issue where ads were not shown in certain cases due to confirmations not being initialized when joining rewards. (#10096)
  • Fixed issue where ad confirmations were initialized on clean profile prior to joining rewards. (#10085)
  • Fixed rewards balance appearing as “0.0 BAT” in certain cases. (#10471)
  • Fixed issue where ad conversions would fail after a creative had expired. (#10240)
  • Fixed “Ads notifications received this month” incrementing for confirmation types other than view. (#10020)
  • Fixed saved passwords not being listed under brave://settings/passwords in certain cases. (#3196)
  • Fixed non-critical memory issue related to farbling and fingerprint randomization. (#10260)
  • Fixed issue where brave://components updates required a browser restart. (#10271)
  • Fixed DuckDuckGo toggle change not being reflected in a Guest window. (#9525)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.89. (#10714)
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