Release Channel 1.29.76

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Gemini two-way Brave Rewards wallet. (#17161)
  • Added prompt to enable crash reporting. (#1841)
  • Added support for launching Brave with a Tor window when using the terminal/command line interface. (#2105)
  • Added “Show Search Tabs button” setting under brave://settings/appearance. (#16007)
  • Added “walletActive” parameter to the stats usage ping. (#17059)
  • Added ephemeral support to “BroadcastChannel”. (#17220)
  • Added Uphold user ID under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support. (#16937)
  • Added a “Relaunch” button which displays after the in-line “Tips Settings” are modified. (#16941)
  • Changed the location of QR code for iOS devices to be under the “Manage Your Wallet” modal on brave://rewards page. (#16954)
  • Updated the date of installation parameter in the stats ping to expire in 30 days. (#17089)
  • Reduced the height of the download bar. (#1638)
  • Removed the Brave Rewards semi-verified user wallet state which occurred in certain cases. (#15390)
  • Fixed IPFS links not being fully displayed in the Brave Rewards panel. (#16612)
  • Fixed mute button moving when hovering on an inactive tab. (#16860)
  • Fixed the close “x” button not being shown on tab hover with small tab size on macOS. (#13946)
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization in menu items on Windows and Linux. (#17309)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 93.0.4577.58. (#17668) (Changelog for 93.0.4577.58)
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