Release Channel v1.7.92

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Full Release Notes

  • Added monthly statements for Brave Rewards. (#930)
  • Added purchase intent classifier for Brave ads. (#8047)
  • Added P3A metric for default search engine. (#8341)
  • Added a new proxy endpoint for location service. (#8167)
  • Added the ability to hide Brave Shields activity count. (#3121)
  • Added new wallpaper images for New Tab Page. (#6904)
  • Added ability to access extension keyboard shortcuts from brave://settings/extensions. (#4024)
  • [Security] Added auto-upgrade of mixed content connections where available. (#4381)
  • Enhanced privacy by randomizing HTML canvas fingerprints by first-party domain. (#5614)
  • Changed rewards publisher list fetch interval from 1 day to every 3 days. (#8955)
  • Reduced the frequency of showing the same ad notification to users opted into Brave Ads. (#7888)
  • Removed the ability for an Uphold connected, non-KYC’d user wallet to tip and perform auto-contribute within Brave Rewards. (#8075)
  • Removed broken translate button once the Google Translate extension has been installed. (#8082)
  • Enabled DNS-over-HTTPS upgrades when possible. (#1864)
  • Enabled cosmetic filtering by default. (#8068)
  • Re-enabled WebXR by default. (#8424)
  • Re-enabled Other Bookmarks. (#7639)
  • Disabled Reporting API. (#7956)
  • Disabled Wayback Machine on localhost. (#8420)
  • Renamed “Site Settings” to “Site and Shields Settings” under brave://settings/privacy. (#8826)
  • Fixed copying brave:// results in pasting chrome://. (#1973)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed under Windows due to Brave not being added into Windows “Notifications & actions” settings. (#8932)
  • Fixed ESC key not closing the tip banner after tipping. (#7609)
  • Fixed rewards panel not resizing properly in certain cases. (#7147)
  • Fixed CAPTCHA targets not being fully shown on rewards panel in certain cases. (#7597)
  • Fixed favicon display issue on brave://rewards page. (#8007)
  • Fixed monthly contributions not being reflected on Brave Rewards widget. (#8467)
  • Fixed notification icon incorrectly displaying on rewards icon in URL bar after claiming grants from rewards panel. (#8239)
  • Fixed incorrect message being displayed on panel and tip banner in certain cases. (#8512)
  • Fixed persistent Brave ads service errors on startup. (#8138)
  • Fixed embedded maps not loading on certain websites by adding fingerprinting exception for both and (#8902
  • Fixed sync crash when multiple bookmarks have the same object id. (#8358)
  • Fixed several cases where sync would hang the browser. (#7986)
  • Fixed ad service crash when migrating to new database. (#8132)
  • Fixed extra whitespace on (#6190)
  • Fixed widget remove option on New Tab Page using light theme when dark theme was selected. (#6395)
  • Fixed “Show Sponsored Images” toggle being reset from off to on when re-enabling “Show Background Image”. (#8552)
  • Fixed shields defaulting to advanced view by default for new profiles. (#8533)
  • Fixed shields settings not being cleared via brave://settings/clearBrowserData dialog when selecting time range other than “All time”. (#8231)
  • Fixed custom adblock rules not allowing cosmetic filters. (#4348)
  • Fixed Widevine not working without a page refresh in certain cases. (#4646)
  • Fixed brave://wallet alias not being displayed in URL when looking up ENS or suspicious websites in certain cases. (#8524)
  • Added promotion for Tap Network (US only). (#8617)