Reinstalling brave without loosing settings or data

My computer had an issue i had to reinstall the os which made me loose all apps and data, i lost my bats and all of my settings is there a way to get all of my bat back and settings ?

According to standard data-processing principles, if there is a backup of the needed data–I use Linux, and simply backup the /home directory before doing an OS install from scratch (in Windows that would be ‘Documents and Settings’ directory)–the user data is copied from the backup.

If the drive has been formatted, the Windows file system (NTFS) can be unformatted, or files can be undeleted by mapping the previous format. File-carving utilities are used for file recovery on Linux file systems.

If the desired data (Brave Browser bookmarks and settings) has been written over by the reinstalled os, it is not technically practical or economically sound to recover it. Rebuilding the data is the preferred option for data that has little value.

Depending on your present progress in the reinstall, recovery may be an option. A backup is the ideal solution. Simply reinstalling brave itself should preserve all customizations and user data such as bookmarks.

I hope you can recover the data. But experience can be the best education.

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