Does Brave Browser data erased when I reinstall windows?

i’d like to reinstall windows without erasing my files, n short just reinstall windows 10, will it delete my brave data or nah?

It potentially could yes, but if you have it already synced to another device, you can just resync it after reinstallation.

If you do not have it synced, I do not have an answer as I do not know.

Just being honest :sweat_smile:

Synch does not save rewards. It only saves bookmarks and passwords.

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You should backup your profile.

Go to brave://version and find the path to your brave-browser folder. Back up that entire brave-browser folder. And then restore it / substitute it in on your new installation at the same place.



thank you for all the reply guys, I really appreciate it. thank you for this one, i might do this one



Before Reinstalling:

  1. If you Windows files are corrupt, open Command Prompt and enter sfc /scannow to check for corrupt system files. May be you wont need to reinstall; here I assume you have corrupt files.

  2. If you decide to reinstall: before installing Windows, you should see a message as in image, choose keep personal files and apps. I have tried this before but not when Brave is installed ; Brave is a different creature! In a normal world your apps will work fine.

Note 1:
You will have a big folder saved in C - several GB! - called Windows.old of your older Windows system files.

Note 2.
If your Brave account is verified, you wont lose your BATs but you’ll lose your vBATs those not yet claimed if something goes wrong after reinstall. If not verified, you’ll lose all your vBATS if something goes wrong.

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