Is there a way to recover my bookmarks and settings from files from the directory folder? Not HTML? Ubuntu 20.04.01

I crashed and broke my Ubuntu 20.04 so badly by doing something so foolish that I can no longer access my backup files on Deja Dups. Unfortunately, my many hours of attempts to fix and recover my poor Ubuntu just made things beyond repair and now it seems like I need to do a fresh install.

As a last resort, I saved all files associated with Brave Browser from the directory folder on an external disk in hopes that I can use those files to recover my precious bookmarks and settings. It looks like this and this. I have no idea what any of those files are or what they’re supposed to do.

Is there still hopes of recovering my precious bookmarks and settings from those saved files? Or do I just have to accept that those sweet bookmarks and settings are all but gone and all that’s left for me is pray to the stars in hopes that I will somehow magically run into all those links once again sometime in the future?

Thank you for reading and bless your soul if you actually know a way to solve this.

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To confirm, you saved everything that was in ~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser, which we’re now seeing on your thumb drive?

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, I couldn’t access much of my home folder and the majority of those files on my thumb drive are from /opt/ and the rest from file directory not associated with /.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser.

Unfortunately I think your bookmarks are gone then :frowning:
All session data is stored in /.config. Was the device part of a Sync chain by chance?

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