Another Roadblock for brave Rewards in india


Yeah, a lot of things going on…especially in India.

Two things Brave can do:

  1. Allow Brave Rewards user to use (exclusive) VPN/proxy. because the may be inaccessible.
  2. Work with more trade platform or wallet, to let Brave user have more choice.

This doesn’t do anything if it is government regulations. Right now most of what they have said is the problem is regulatory information, such as what they must collect and report to governments. Exchanges are still open to and serving in your area. So it’s not like having additional things there will help.

Well, that’s not true.

Government baned pirate, there is still piratebay. Turkey blocked wikipedia, there is still some way help to access.

At least, Brave shouldn’t forbid those users.

Yes, there are ways. But not legal.
Brave is a company, cannot participate in such activities without the risk of prosecution of even closure.

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