Earnings Per Ad Reduced 10X

Hi all who supports Brave to come to these days!

When I woke up this morning, I was shocked by what I saw. Because I saw that our gain, which was 0.01 BAT per ad, was reduced by 10 times and now it was 0.001 BAT. Are you kidding us, Brave Team? The two biggest features of your browser are the reward system and privacy. Even a lousy ad blocker can provide privacy. We think your browser is good for your reward system and we use it. But you’re telling us we will now earn 0.001 per ad. I’m asking, which user will continue to use your browser anymore? How can I support publishers if I get 0.3 BAT per month instead of 3 BAT? If you are determined to reduce our earnings, you will lose many Brave users. Please go back to 0.01 gain.

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