Blocking low paying brave ads

The payouts on brave ads have been getting lower and lower on my Android/Windows/Linux systems all verified here in the UK for some time now. It’s gotten to the point where I was questioning leaving the brave ads enabled.

I feel (and maybe incorrect) that there is a “race to the bottom” with advertisers paying as little as possible to get the ads in front of as many users as possible. My time is valuable to me and the brave ad popups are a distraction, one that I’m willing to tolerate if the payment-to-distraction ratio works for me.

It would be great if there was a feature in brave to only show brave ads over a set payment threshold. This would give users control to set values that suit them and act as a counterbalance against advertisers paying as little as they can get away with


That would be great :slight_smile: I vote on it!

I would add to your story that, with the current payout and the high CPU demand from Brave browser, a user pays more in energy than what is retuned in rewards. It’s cheaper using a light browser than using Brave.

As for getting rewards by watching ads, there are some other alternatives out there. I will not name any here, but a simple google search will show you a few.
And some can be integrated with Brave as an extension.

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I didnt even realise brave used more CPU/power than other browsers. Do you know what its doing with this extra resources over what anyother browser would use?

I do hope this feature request is considered for implementation as the current all in or all out is not a good model for me.

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