Referral Promo Stats not changing

Hi there

Icheck my stats everyday. Some days it’s updates every few hours and some days it takes slightly longer, which is fine as I can see the numbers grow.

However, The past 24 hours the stats have been refreshed but the numbers have stayed the same. And I know that at least a couple of dozen downloads happended, but they are not registered in the stats.

Any reason why I can’t see the performance in the numbers from the past 24 hours?


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Hi @obrndk - it can take up to 48hrs for the stats to correctly update.


ok thanks @steeven I’ll hang in there :slight_smile:

so it;s 48 hours now and table still not updated

funny thing is that the graph is updating and showing downloads and installs. Any reason why there is a secrepancy between the 2?

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I have been the same problem since January 5th. The chart counts the installations however not counting the downloads. In status it does not change any values.


the graph hasn’t been updating either now today… so both graph and table not updating. Table is behind at least 3 days.

Any news please @steeven?

Me too my dashboard not updating. Almost 4 days now

Stil the same here dude… :frowning_face:

admin lost. lol :frowning:

Maybe they ran out of funds. Just stop promoting.

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yeh, same my thinking. now we are promoting free for them :v

Hey. I have the same problem. As early as 2 days, 0 installations and downloads are written to me, nothing is updated. Although this can not be. I have a group of 70k people, and + I have ads in three groups. Lol Before that, I had an average of 100+ downloads, then it fell sharply by 40-50 for a couple of days, and now it’s generally zero)

If there are any changes, unsubscribe to the topic. THX

My chart has stopped working for two days.!


yes it’s with everyone in this thread, not just you.

Give them some slack… it;s been weekend so I wouldn’t expect a resolution in the weekend. Hopefully today or tomorrow things will get solved


Lets hope for the Best… Brave is the best no doubts

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Well nothing changed yet :frowning_face:

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I conferm. I’m blocked too. And above all I have 500BAT less then the last balance. This situation is during too much time…

My chart has stopped working for three days :frowning:

I think they intentionaly froze the updates and are discoussing what to do, since hundreds of publishers are bidding on their keywords, could be also some partners :smiley:

I have the same problem. Users are downloading Brave from my referral links but the statistics are not detailed. Yesterday several users downloaded it and I get it in graph 0 and without counting anything. What’s going on? Are we going to lose those Brave referrals? Or are they registering and will they add up when they solve the problem? Because if I am referring and they are not being counted, I am wasting time and it is not fair.


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