My referral statistics and balance are not updated

Hello dear administrators! I know that statistics may not be updated for up to 2 days , but my statistics have not been updated for more than two weeks. New installations do not appear(although perhaps no one sets ), 30-day referrals are also not confirmed, the balance is not updated. And look at the screenshot where the settings were still updated the download line is at-0. What 's that supposed to mean? did something happen to my account? or how?


second this. I have the exact same issue.

Me too. on last 7 days not updating refs, installs and confirmations.
Please help

Estamos igual tampoco me actualiza nada de mis referidos

Me too. There is more than 1 week that my creator account is not in order. Some things are ok. Some others not. Are ok the earnings but not the graphs and the referral promo stats.

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@Asad Please help us

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Hi @ikolebaev - we pushed a fix on Saturday that should have resolved your issue. Can you let me know if your graph is still displaying incorrectly?

Hi @ikolebaev - the fix is actually still being worked on. Please see this post - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

Thank you very much for the information! I’m grateful

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