Referral link - Brave downloads are detected but not Brave installations


I shared my reference link yesterday; I know that at least 10 people downloaded and installed Brave, but in the statistics I can see 16 downloads for only 5 installations (including 4 friends to whom I sent the link before).

Does anyone know why ?

Thank you in advance

Hello @pragmethik,

Kindly note the following terms:

  1. Downloads - Increments if a user you referred downloads the Brave Browser using your referral code.

  2. Installs - Increments when a user opens the Brave Browser for the first time.

So it is possible that not everybody that downloaded the browser using your referral link actually installed it.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
But I know what these terms are meaning; and I know (100% sure) that they (at least 10 people) installed it.

It looks like, just in the 2 previous days, I had 20 for only 2 installations ?
First I know this is wrong; then it’s ridiculous …
Since we are asking our users to change their habits in order to be able to pay for the servers of the sites through sponsored links, I hope that the problem will be fixed quickly. It is inconceivable that we would ask them to use a browser and tell them that it will be used to pay for server costs when this sponsored link program is not working - so we would be lying to our users! This would mean changing their browser without being sure that they can continue to keep the site alive.


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