People do not know how to install brave browser ? Or does the referral link not work?

Sorry for my bad english.

Very poor statistics between downloads and installation, approximately 3: 1
Are referral links working poorly or people don’t know how to install a browser?

I will show statistics on two referral links for today

1. First referral link, traffic Russia, Ukraine, CIS ,

DOWNLOADED - 53 , INSTALLED - 15 , 5 : 1


Second referral link, traffic all over the world

DOWNLOADED - 42 , INSTALLED - 22 , 2 : 1



Two referral links show a huge difference . It seems to me that referral links are not working correctly? Could this be?

cc @asad @cory @dan_brave for assistance here

Referral system is working fine – we do regular tests on it. It’s likely that people are clicking but not installing!

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