I lost my brave rewards in brave browser

I unintentionally uninstalled my brave browser, is there a way to get them back??? because my rewards started afresh…

@Claudio_ziks Umm, lots of questions to ask to give a definitive answer but generally speaking, no there isn’t.

If your wallet is verified, then anything you had in custodial wallet will still be there and you just need to sign into the verified wallet. This would be at least things you earned in the past, but might still not get you what you earned for the past 30 days.

If you did not have a verified wallet, then all of the BAT was being stored in your browser, on your computer. When you would have uninstalled your browser, you would have destroyed the wallet containing your BAT.

The only catch is if you had saved your /brave-browser folder somewhere, in which case you could have restored it from that.

Oh…no, this can’t be happening. So nothing can be done?? The last time factory reset my phone, all the bats came back…why is this one different??

Do you have a verified wallet? Like with Uphold or Gemini?

Some time last year I had to factory reset my phone, the rewards returned even Though I didn’t ve a verified account. I don’t ve a verified account. So how com I mistakenly uninstalled and the rewards can’t come back

Yeah, I’m not sure why the phone would have worked unless it had a backup which saved some content or whatever. I’m not employed with Brave and I’m not the smartest on this stuff. I just am answering based on conversations I’ve had with staff and the answers they have provided others.

For example, their Product Manager responded to a post today saying:

If you are unverified, your BAT is basically local data on your device. If you reformat your computer, for example, you will lose your BAT. However, you can back it up by copy-pasting the /brave-browser folder, which contains basically all your Brave browser profile data, including unverified BAT.

Thanks…I really appreciate your assistance.

So the team can’t come up with a way of retrieving unverified bat…that’s disappointing

Well, they are working on it. You can try to “follow” their Github at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/18101

Just no idea how long it will be until it arrives. Unfortunately what they do for the future isn’t able to help you now. But yeah, verified wallets is how you have your backup for now. If not verified, not much you can do.

Thanks man…I appreciate.

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