How do I get back my BAT from my Samsung that no longer works

How do I get my rewarded BAT back ?

Unless it was verified to Uphold, there is no way unfortunately. If it is verified the payments should be sent to Uphold. But if it is not, then it is just stored in the local wallet, and since your phone is dead (even if it was not) there would be no way to transfer them over to a new phone etc.

Do not take my word for it, but they’re probably lost.

Until the BATs are transferred to some online wallet or otherwise used, they’re only stored locally, and if the local storage is gone, the data is gone, whether it’s Brave rewards or pictures of your cat.

click here for a false hope Perhaps, if you can still access the phone memory e.g. by connecting it with USB to another machine, *and* you can access the Brave profile directory from there, *maybe* there's a chance that copying that folder to another device (replacing an *existing* profile of the same name in Brave) will do.

A slim chance probably, and it may or may not be worth the trouble depending how much you had inside there, and sorry I can’t provide guidance, it’s just an idea that may or may not work.

Careful not to obliterate any BATs you may have accrued on the new device in the process.

Read also 223516, 226446, 250876 and 110393 carefully, and since importing profiles manually is unsupported and could lead to file corruption, even if it works I would advise to immediately make use of those BATs somehow and then delete the imported profile.

If possible, try the operation on another (ideally, identical) “spare” Android device with the very same Brave version installed and spend the BATs right away – beware the Uphold four devices limit.

Note that the procedure may fail and delete the rewards anyway.

Thinking about it, I know nothing of the implementation but I think it’s safe to assume it’s done in a way that your rewards can’t be easily stolen, and technically there’s no way to tell if moving the rewards is done legitimately or not, so… perhaps I’m dreaming.
They may well be tied to the device and not recoverable at all.

BTW, disregard any instructions about “recovery passphrase”, it’s outdated information.
There is currently no backup/recovery/transfer besides Uphold, or a QR code for iOS devices only.

If the phone it totally bricked, well, sorry.

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