Receiving just 5 ads per day

Dear Brave community, yesterday I met your web navigator. It seemed to be very interesting, so I started using it and replaced totally my current Google Chrome.

Yesterday, during 3 hours of use I received 15 Brave ads. That was fine, because it was according to my settings. Today, during 7 uninterrupted hours of use I only received 5 ads. What happened?

My Brave PC is located at Peru and I’m using Windows 10.

Please your support


Not receiving Ads during use is normal because that’s how brave ads are supposed to be. If the browser or any other app is in full screen mode then it will not show ads to reduce interruptions.

have a nice day :slight_smile:

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and I’m receiving no ads at all for last 2 days. beat that!

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Hey @marcosoyola,
maybe it just has something to do with the fact that there aren’t that many advertisers or advertisements in your area at the moment. Here in germany it is also a lot of 5+ per hour on some days and nothing or very little +2 per hour on weekends. The link below you can see who is advertising in your area.
I suggest to use the search funktion to find your needs

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