I have not been receiving any ads for a month now

I have checked and double checked everything in my system and the browser setting. Its all fine. But I still don’t understand why I have not been receiving any ads for a month now. When I published a support request in the brave community previously then I received one ad and I thought the Brave Team might have finally fixed my issue. But it wasn’t that. All of are just ignoring our issues. I cannot even reinstall the brave browser or I would loose my current rewards. If you cannot fix this issue just simply say it. Don’t keep us in dark.


Same issue with my windows 7 laptop have.,what to do?

I also encountered this problem 2 days today

Some problem here and also for a while now. Have reported this a few times, never got an answer.

Same issue here on my side too, I was receiving ads fine until last week they totally disappeared first I thought that it was my issue but after checking some posts here I found its been happening with many users also. Hope they fix this with an update or something.

Hi @Satru243

I also had the same issue with the same OS and I’ve found a solution with the search function of this forum: and ads are back now!

Hope it’s help

Whats the solution? Inform it i also try

Please let me know what the solution was.

The solution is in the forum.
Did you search in the results as previously suggested?

Rather than being so vague about it, maybe you can post a link to the thread that helped you? Telling everyone to use a search bar isn’t helpful whatsoever.

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Hi @Vitamin.Ex

I would like to remind that 'm just a Brave user, not someone designed to help lazy people.

Because there are so many differents configuration, it’s easier and faster for people to search by themselves according their OS (for .example). Anyway, here is the link you are not able to find: https://community.brave.com/search?q=windows%207

If you’re not a Windows 7 user, don’t hesitate to reply and I’ll find you another search results.

Hope it’s help and I wish you a nice day :wink:

By your logic, being a “Brave user” means you don’t have to be a helpful person? Did you stop to think that they may have searched the forum for fixes that haven’t worked for them and you may have found the one that will fix the problem? They’re not “lazy”, you’re just being an unhelpful, rude individual.

Hi @Vitamin.Ex

I’ve helped you and I also try to help others forum members as much as I can. Sorry if I don’t much have free time to search all the solutions for you as you expect.
By the way, your opinion really means a lot to me. Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

Hope it’s help and have a nice day :wink:

but my OS is not windows7 its windows10

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same problem in windows 10

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Any solution for android mobile too?

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Same problem with me from this month i hardly get 5 ads so far this month in my both laptop also i didn’t getting any ads in mobile as well. More Worst part this that when i refer someone and they didn’t brave actually works they just uninstall it

PS:- Last time i change par hour ads 5 to 4 and that was work for me that time but now this time its not work at all even i try with 1 ads par hour

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This is the link to the thread discussed above.

But don’t do it, because brave have suspended accounts who had done this. Just wanted to tell all.
This might work but do it at your own risk.

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I’ve applied this solution and my account is not suspended.

I don’t think there is a correlation between this trick for Win7 users and the action taken by Brave for some accounts.

FYI. Check this thread. The same solution is mentioned in this thread also

All users who did this got their account suspended. They are mentioning in the last comments that their accounts are suspended. Don’t believe me, go check this.

And deleting the configuration files is not a trick, basically it’s a hack.
So if you have tried this hack in recent days, no worry. Give it some time, when server catches the anomaly, it will suspend the account.

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