No Ads since half a month

Hi There,
I’m using brave rewards since it’s release. And there have been ads every now and then. But since mid of November '19, I havent received a single ad?

Is this a know problem? how do i solve it?

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By enabling Brave Ads, doesn’t mean you’ll receive “as many Brave ads as possible”. Brave Ads is processed based on your browsing history and matched with the available ads catalogue.

It’s also depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your region. Brave Ads is not about “quantity”, but about “showing the right ads (for you), at the right time”.

Also see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


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thanks for your response. i wan’t talking about quantity, just confused, that i havent received a single one for 15 days with normal browsing behavior every day.
in terms of regionality: brave ads is available in my country.

Same here, I browse exlusively on Brave for at least 8-10 hours each day and not a single ad was delivered since mid November. Well, I guess the ad catalogue for Germany is just really empty… :-/

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Hi there,
first ad after a long time (15 - 18 days) popped up yesterday and it was 8 ads in total during that day (approx. 12 hours of using brave). haven’t changed anything in the meantime. But seems like its not broken, just a very long period without a single ad - which still is a mystery to me.

Even I’m facing same issue @eljuno. Not received any ads since 1st Dec. Earlier I’d get 2 ad notifications daily on an average. My browsing has not reduced or stopped on Brave though. In November also, for several days I did not get any ads. I got a total of only 27 ad notifications in Nov. Hope your team can fix this issue soon. Thanks.

This one @Subhash :point_up::sweat_smile:
I don’t think it’s an issue.

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